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This part of the website is broadly divided into two sections. Section I lists useful websites, classified under various categories. Section II is a list of links to articles, essays, and other relevant documents online. Along with these articles, we have also included relevant contact information of the institution/author of the article.


African Organizations (NGOS and Others) International Organizations (UN-Related, NGOs, and Others)
Informational Sites with Links Academic Institutions


II. African Organizations (NGOS and Others)

(A) African Organizations -- General

1. The African Women’s Development and Communication Network

2. Improving Women’s Access to Credit in Community Development Programmes
Mainly south asian sites, some African sites: documents, organizations, int. programmes and networks, gender and development resources

3. Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (Based in Gambia)

4. Africa Action

5. West African NGO network

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(B) African Organizations -- Nigeria

A non governmental organisation based in Nigeria working for the economic empowerment of Rural women farmers in particular and the enforcements of Women's Rights in Nigeria through advocacy campaigns and information dissimination.

2. Nigerian association of University Women

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(C) African Organizations -- Senegal

Only in French. Site has documents/ initiatives for the human rights of women in Senegal (not much on land – mostly displaced persons etc.)

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(D) African Organizations -- South Africa

1. Centre for Rural Legal Studies

Promotes the land and labour interests of men and women farm workers in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape of South Africa through training, legal intervention, research, advocacy, development facilitation.

2. Lawyers for Human Rights
Includes info on gender, legal rights, rural farmworkers. Specifically under gender = women, land and development, equity and affirmative action, women and customary-law (no links to religion)

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(E) African Organizations -- Uganda

1. Women’s organizations in Uganda

2. Isis women’s International Cross-cultural Exchange
Isis-WICCE, a global women's organisation in Africa, is committed to fairness, equality and justice in all relationships. Using various strategies, including the exchange of skills and experiences, the documentation of women's lives, information sharing and networking, Isis-WICCE promotes the empowerment of women, and the flow of information and ideas leading to gender sensitivity and equal opportunities at all levels.

3. Akina Mama wa Afrika
NGO development organization for women. Akina Mama wa Afrika was founded to create space for African women to organise autonomously, identify issues of concern to them and speak for themselves. AMwA aims to provide solidarity, support, awareness,and to build links with African women active in the areas of their own development.
Mfumi project :
Aims and Objectives: PROMPT’s objectives are to advance Education and support the community through development projects in Mifumi. The goal is to help the people of Mifumi tohelp themselves through education, healthcare provision and income generating projects.

4. National Association of Women’s organizations in Uganda
To promote a co-ordinated network of women organisations for the efficient use of resources for the improvement of the status of women in Uganda.

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III. International Organizations (UN-related and others)

1. United Nations office of the Special Coordinator for Africa and the least developed countries
Includes: Africa and gender resources, links, publications, reports and resolutions, Asia-Africa cooperation, about OSCAL

2. Economic Commission for Africa – Africa Center for Women
Policy analysis, development management, reports of conferences, special initiative on Africa

3. Sub-regional development center for Central Africa
International cooperation, capacity development, gender issues (English version)

4. Economic commission for Africa
Resources, programmes, sub-regional centers, related initiatives, links

5. Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO)
355 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10017-6603, U.S.A.
Tel: 212-973-0325
Fax: 212-973-0335
Website: Also see:

6. Asian Development Bank
P.O. Box 789
0980 Manila, Philippines


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IV. Informational sites with Links

1. Site for access to African NGOS

2. USAID's Office of Women in Development
NGO Small Grants Program
Spring 2002

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V. Academic Institutions (Western)

1. University of Minnesota Human Rights Center

2. Human rights organizations in sub-saharan Africa"

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