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Human Rights Organizations - India

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Center for Old in Need

Founders and members of COiN have long experience in implementing strategies to address medical problems for large groups ranging from a few hundred people to nation wide populations. This experience is now being focused on the problems of elderly people in our communities. Some of the ongoing projects at COiN include weekly health clinics, camps, and awareness programmers.


Center for Women’s Development & Research

CWDR was initiated during 1993 by a group of women activists, they found only 2% of the NGOs are headed by women and they felt a need for more women headed organization to address women's issues. Now we are working in 95 slums of Chennai city and 7 villages of Edaikazhinadu Panchayath Kancheepuram district.


Coimbatore Human Rights Forum

Coimbatore Human Rights Forum (CHRF) is a Registered Public Charitable Trust under Indian law. It is a self-funded organisation and does not accept any financial contribution from any government or governmental agencies. Founded in the year 1992, it has taken up issues relating to the Dalits (under-privileged people), Women, Refugees, etc.

Contact details
Coimbatore Human Rights Forum
Old No. 23/1, Govt. Arts College Road,
Coimbatore - 641 018, Tamil Nadu, India.
Office Tel : +91- 422 - 4394101
Mobile: +91 98422 49605
Fax : +91 - 422 - 4377125
Website :
e-mail :

Children's Rights India

terre des hommes is an international federation of national terre des hommes chapters. These chapters raise funds to support action and advocacy on behalf of children who have no means of defending themselves against poverty, oppression, abandonment or discrimination.

terre des hommes (Germany) India Programme feels that children need to be on the human rights agenda. So far, they have not been considered as a separate group. They were mainly thought of as the property of their parents or as part of the family. But today the situation is different. The Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the international community (UN) in the beginning of the last decade has recognised the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of children. The underlining principle of the convention is 'the best interest of the child'. The Convention further states that the child's own opinion will be given due regard. The child is regarded as an individual with needs, which evolve with age and maturity.


The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an independent, non-partisan, international non-governmental organisation, mandated to ensure the practical realization of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth. In 1987, several Commonwealth associations founded CHRI because they felt that while the member countries had both a common set of values and legal principles from which to work and a forum within which to promote human rights, there was relatively little focus on human rights issues.

Contact details:

Headquarter: CHRI New Delhi Office
B-117, Second Floor, Sarvodaya Enclave
New Delhi - 110 017
Tel: +91-11-2685-0523, 2652-8152, 2686-4678
Fax: +91-11-2686-4688

CHRI London Office
Institute of Commowealth Studies
28, Russel Square
London WC1B 5DS
Tel: +44-020-7-862-8857
Fax: +44-020-7-862-8820

CHRI Ghana Office
The British Council
P.O. Box GP 771
Tel: +233-21-683068, 683069, 683070
Fax: +233-21-683062

CRY: Child Relief and You – America and India

CRY America's development work is sustained by the partnerships we build at the grassroots level in India and America. We do not run our own projects. Instead we act as the link between grassroots level initiatives that are doing great work with children but are short on resources … and people and organizations in America that have the resources to help. These partnerships, with effective child development initiatives, are key to the sustainable change that we are trying to make possible.

CRY America's role in these partnerships goes beyond mere funding. We draw on the grant management services of CRY, our partner in India, to ensure optimal utilization of funds and enhancement of the quality of the supported initiatives.


India Centre for Human Rights and Law

The India Centre was started by a group of High Court Lawyers and human rights activists to be a comprehensive resource centre where documentation, education, publication, investigation and campaigns on issues related to human rights and law are the focus. The Centre looks at human rights in the widest possible way and includes the wide range of economic, social, and cultural rights.

Contact details
Jain School
CVOD Trust
Samuel Street
Mumbai 400 009

Indian Muslim Relief Committee (IMRC)

IMRC, The Indian Muslim Relief Committee, is a nonprofit organization established in 1981 by the Indian Muslim residents of the United States to provide humanitarian relief and education to the Muslim minority in India.

Contact details
800 San Antonio Road Suite #1
Palo Alto
CA 94303-4616
Phone: (415) 856-0440
Fax: (415) 856-0444

Indian Muslim Council

The Council is dedicated to promoting the common values of pluralism, tolerance, and respect for human rights that form the basis of the world's two largest secular democracies - the United States and India. It strives to work towards increasing inter-faith and inter-community understanding in the United States, with particular focus on the Indian Diaspora with a view to safeguard individuals and societal institutions from infiltration by divisive and hate-filled ideologies.


The Indian Peoples Tribunal on Environment and Human Rights

At a workshop on ‘Human Rights, Environment and the Law in India’ held at Bangalore in June 1993, a large number of social activists groups and individuals set up the Indian Peoples Tribunal on Environment and Human Rights. The Tribunal's objectives are: To bring environmental and human rights issues centre stage and to provide an alternative vision for both the judiciary as well as the public; To investigate cases of gross human rights violations and environmental degradation and to report, campaign and litigate in that respect; To highlight the plight of the oppressed and in particular children, patients, women, tribals, slum dwellers, workers, prisoners, the handicapped; and to encourage victim communities to fight for their rights.

Contact details
4th floor, CVOD Jain School
84, Samuel Street
Mumbai 400 009
Phone: 379 0699/375 9657

Kashmir Council for Human Rights

Kashmir Council for Human Rights (KCHR) is a humanitarian group which campaigns for the observance of internationally recognized human rights in Kashmir. The London based Council lobbies governments, media, human rights groups and the United Nations.

Contact details
Rivington House
82 Great Eastern St.
London, WC2A 3JL
United Kingdom
Website: Kutumb Foundation

The Kutumb Foundation is a grassroots NGO striving to improve the life in New Delhi slums, with a particular focus on children. Their regular presence is in the Khan Market Labour Camp which contains about 350 households and about 4,000 residents.


Noble Cause

Noble cause works with helpless, poor and marginalized people of India, to eradicate poverty by overcoming the social injustice and economic inequity that cause it.


Peace Child India

Peace Child India believes in the energy and talent of socially and economically underprivileged people. The Peace Child India office was set up in September 2001 to encourage youth community leadership in poor and oppressed communities. Since then, we have successfully completed more than 40 successful projects involving more than 3,000 Indian youth and their adult mentors, on issues ranging from education, the environment, employment, substance abuse, poverty alleviation and sustainable development


People's Union for Civil Liberties

The People's Union for Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights (PUCLDR) was founded in 1976. The idea was to make the PUCLDR an organisation free from political ideologies, so that people belonging to various political parties could come together on one platform for the defence of civil liberties and human rights.

Contact details
81 Sahayoga apartments
Mayur Vihar - I
Delhi 110091
Phone: 91-11-2275 0014 Fax: 91-11-2275 7694; 91-11-2275 6931; 91-11-2279 2342
Email: and


An online resource on Islam and interfaith relations in South Asia. Qalandar has also brought out print publications on communal harmony.

Contact details
Yoginder Sikand
Monthly Qalandar
Email: and


The organization is committed to empowering women to help them escape the trap of extreme poverty. Sahayatha is a meta-caring organization. We work in tandem with partners who have grass roots expertise and resources. We team up with them and complement their resources with our ability to develop programs that maximize the impact on women's empowerment and use of resources.


Society for Women Integrated Family Development

The main aim of the Federation is the integral development and welfare of the individual, family and the society of the coastal communities of Tamil Nadu over a process of participatory development approach, enhancing self respect and self confidence with human dignity.


South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC)

The South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC) is a network of individuals across the region. It seeks to investigate, document and disseminate information about human rights treaties and conventions, human rights education, refugees, media freedom, prison reforms, political imprisonment, torture, summary executions, disappearances and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. SAHRDC has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Contact details
South Asia Human Rights Documentation Center
B-6/6, Safdarjung Enclave Extension
New Delhi - 110029
Phone : (011)- 6192065, 6191120
Fax: (011)-6192706
Web site: http://www.HRI.CA/PARTNERS/SAHRDC