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Human Rights Organizations - Bosnia

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Bosnian Children Relief

Bosnian Children Relief (B.C.R.) was founded in January 1993 by Fatima and Saban Basic to provide aid to the victims of the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina. B.C.R. is a registered non-profit Charitable Organization, non-sectarian, non-polit ical and governed by a volunteer board of directors and staffed by volunteer men and women, committed to the B.C.R. mission of helping people survive through this tragedy.

Contact details
77 Pelham Road
St. Catharines
Ontario L2S 1S3
Phone: 905-685-6579
Fax: 905-685-3730

Center for Non-Violent Action

CNA does training in nonviolent conflict transformation aiming to support the development of local training structures in the countries of former Yugoslavia. CNA organizes and implements training to participants from different regions and of different ethnic origin. Its main target groups are activists from NGO sector, journalists, teachers etc, aiming to achieve a multiplying effect.


Friends of Bosnia

Friends of Bosnia provides reconstruction and humanitarian aid to the Balkans and educates the American public about the wars, reconstruction, reconciliation, and peace.

Contact details
Friends of Bosnia
85 Worcester St., Ste 1
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 978-461-0909
Fax: 978-461-2552

Genesis Project

Its main goals are to help to traumatized children, to educate children and adults in human rights, to work on the development of civil society, democratization, legal assistance, etc.

Contact details:
Contact Person: Dijana Korda
Phone: (++ 381 78) 65 392

Helsinki Committee For Human Rights In Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded on 11 February, 1995. The Committee was established following the principles laid down in the Statute of the International Helsinki Federation. It is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. The aim of the Committee is the protection and promotion of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contact details
Ante Fijamenga 14b
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone/Fax: ++ 387 33 23 08 09
Phone/Fax: ++ 387 33 23 08 11

Human Rights House -Sarajevo

At the Human Rights House in Sarajevo, four organizations work to strengthen democratization and human rights. Free legal aid, human rights education and election observation are some of our activities.


SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children's Villages Bosnia and Herzegovina has one goal for the coming years: to do more than needed to ensure the Bosnian children really do enjoy their rights to have a home and a family, to be healthy, to learn, to be respected and heard, to play, to love and to be loved.

See the following article on SOS Children's Villages website: Ten Years of SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sumejja (Citizen's Association of Bosnian Women)

Sumejja promotes the development of civil society, human rights, protection of women and families and affirmation of women in civil society.

Contact details
Zlatnih Ljiljana 4 Bugojno
Phone: 387.30.251.038 or 387.30.251.595
Fax: 387.30.251.038

Human Rights Council (Bosnia Genocide)

The UHRC operates in modes of campaigns. Each campaign is geared toward one government who distorts, denies, and deludes its own history to disguise past and present genocides, massacres, and human rights violations. This is the website section on the Bosnian genocide.


Women for Women in Bosnia

Women for women in Bosnia is a non-profit, non-governmental interfaith organization that provides donations to Bosnian and Croatian women refugees.

Contact details
P.O. Box 9733
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone/Fax: (703)519-1730
More information at: